A downloadable Enter your Home for Windows and Linux

Enter Your House

After partying all night, streets transform. You are coming back home only to find out you can't enter inside. A drunk guy's car is in the way! You must find a way to enter your house.  house_with_garden 

Install instructions

Download then unzip.


Enter-your-House_linux.zip 400 MB
Enter-your-House_windows.zip 128 MB

Development log


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Silly, short, nonsense physics, and I managed to win! I had a good time, thanks and keep making games.🍻

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Hey, funny video! I'm really glad to see that! It will help to tweak things for the next update (like the lighting). Hope you had a nice time playing the game :D  Thanks for the support and keep up the good work with your videos!!

.....HOW IS THIS DONE??!?!?! 


Try to go to the balcony ;)

sh*t—with all the objects?! i had already flung them miles away from me with the physics hahahaha

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Yeah, you have to handle them wisely! Physics may be improved with the upcoming update, it's on its way but no release date is planned though.

Video incoming (eventually :D)